Unjspf Transfer Agreement

In the absence of a delegation agreement between the releasing agency and the host organization, PIP can serve as a solution in its own right. If you are asked to close your pension account with your organisation or for other reasons, you can contribute 100% of a capital amount received by the paid-up GI to your PEP, even if the PEP is set up after leaving the liberalising organisation and no later than 12 months after the end of the contract. **In some cases, depending on the acceptance of the PEP by the release IGO. As soon as you become a member of the UNJSPF, you must immediately inform your former employer and the UNJSPF in writing of your interest in transferring your acquired pension rights to the UNJSPF. Once your transfer authorization has been verified, you must ask your former employer to inform the UNJSPF of the amount available for such a transfer. The UNJSPF would then give you an estimate of the additional pension credit to the UNJSPF that would result. You should then decide whether or not to continue the transmission. Once the transfer has actually been made to the UNJSPF, you will be informed of the additional eligible benefit credits you have received at the UNJSPF. As of 1 January 2005, twenty-one international organizations have been members of the United Nations Joint Pension Fund (UNJSPF). A list of the organisations is contained in Annex I and is also available on the Fund`s website at www.

unjspf.org. In the event of a transfer to the UNJSPF, the value transferred would lead to the transfer of credits for supplementary benefits at retirement within the UNJSPF, the duration of which is determined by an actuarial calculation carried out by the UNJSPF Advisory Actuary. No, because each participant decides for himself whether or not to opt for the transfer of pension rights acquired under the current transfer contract. Any transferable worker who decides not to transfer his or her pension rights retains all individual benefit entitlements under his or her current plan, as applied at the time of separation from service. No no. With regard to transfers to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), the amount of appropriations carried forward is fixed in the agreements in force and the service time credited under the „receiving“ plan is equal to that which took place on a direct-to-one basis under the „transmitter“ plan. This is called the „Inner Circle“ agreement. In the case of transfers from the UNJSPF to a „receiving“ plan, the transfer is determined to be the greater of the actuarial value of the UNJSPF pension rights incurred or the withdrawal plan due in accordance with Article 31 of the MONJSPF Plan. Once your transfer authorization has been verified, you can ask the UNJSPF to provide you with an estimate of the value of the transfer so that you can know what you would get under the „receiver“ plan if you continued to transfer your acquired UNJSPF pension rights.

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