Saskatchewan Lpn Collective Agreement

CUPE PRESS RELEASE – Licensed Nurse Practitioners Deserve Recognition and Respect The Union of Public Employees of Canada (CUPE) represents 1,585 Licensed Nurse Practitioners (LPNs) in five Saskatchewan health regions. Some of the achievements of the past two decades are as follows: to foster thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission in CBC/Radio-Canada`s online communities (except in children`s and youth communities). Pseudonyms are no longer allowed. The committee`s presentation divided the work done on behalf of LPNs over the last 13 or 14 years. CUPE research has developed several briefings highlighting some of the problems, unable to work fully. Workers in the former health regions of Saskatoon, Five Hills, Heartland and Cypress Hills had been without contracts for three years and, according to a letter sent to the province in June, talks between the union and SAHO had broken down on May 22. The report, Full Utilization of Licensed Practical Nurses: A Practical Solution to the Nursing Shortage, says a 2010 survey by LPNs showed that only half of employers in the province are making full use of NLP`s care capabilities. „It`s like training journeyman plumbers, but it only allows them to fix faucet leaks,“ says the report from the Union of Canadian Public Employees (CUPE). CUPE Licensed Practical Nurses and Continuing Care Assistants are important members of the healthcare team. .