Venture Capital Llc Operating Agreement

1.2. Agreement. In light of its mutual commitments and other good and valuable considerations whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized, the members who carry out this Agreement accept the terms of this agreement, which may be amended from time to time. The express intention of the members is that this agreement be the only agreement between them and, except to the extent that a provision of this agreement expressly contains material by express reference, that agreement applies even if it is inconsistent with or depart from the provisions of the law or any other provision of the law. 5.1. Capital obligations and membership affiliation interest. In relation to the name of each member in Schedule A, this member is the capital obligation of the company and its percentage membership in the Sanzin company (percentage interest). Each member capital commitment represents the total amount of capital that that member is willing to pay to the company to finance the company`s capital commitment to the fund, in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Appendix A is amended from time to time to reflect any changes in members` capital commitments and interests. (1) the purchase, sale, investment and trading of all kinds of securities, including, but not limited, capital stockstocks, shares of the limited partnership, bonds, bonds, securities converted to other securities, fiduciary and other obligations, instruments or proof of debt, and rights, bonds and options; (u) the titles. securities of any kind and any type of rights and options relating to these securities, including shares, bonds, bonds, debt supporting documents and other commercial interests of any kind, including interests in partnerships, joint ventures, owners and other businesses. (a) Directors make available at least twelve (12) working days before written notification of the necessary contributions to the company`s capital, with an indication of the amount of the business. Members contribute to the capital of the corporation in cash, unless the managing members (who may authorize contributions in the form of bonds) set others.

No member is required to pay, without the written consent of these members, an amount that goes beyond this capital promise (since this capital promise can be increased in accordance with point a). All capital contributions made under these funds with respect to members` capital commitments (a capital contribution each) are made in an amount determined by the executive members and all necessary contributions are proportional to the respective capital commitments. if necessary in this agreement, with such interest, which comes on the date of the first maturity of this contribution and ends on the date on which this contribution is made to the company.