Unless Some Other Written Agreement Has Been Made

43 Where an unpaid seller has partially delivered the goods, he may exercise his right of bet or residual reserve on the rest, unless that partial delivery has been made in the circumstances justifying an agreement to waive the right of pledge or the right of detention. R.S., about 408, 43. Article 4. When the goods are delivered to the purchaser after authorization or „in the event of sale or restitution“ or similar conditions, the resulting property is transferred to the purchaser (2) This section applies to any contract of this type, regardless of whether the goods must be delivered later or cannot be actually manufactured, purchased or fallow at the time of the contract. , or ready or ready for delivery, or an action may be required to make or complete or make the same adjustment for delivery. 2. If the seller is informed of the termination of the Transitu interruption, the seller must return the goods to the seller or according to the seller`s instructions, and the costs of such a subsequent delivery are borne by the seller. R.S., circa 408, see 47. (4) The provisions of this section are subject to any use of trade, a particular agreement or the conduct of exchanges between the parties.

R.S., about 408, 32. (7) If the partial delivery of the goods was made to the purchaser or his representative on that behalf, the rest of the goods may be stopped in transit, unless that partial delivery is made in the circumstances where an agreement is established to process the property of the entire property. R.S., circa 408, 46. 38 Unless there is a contrary agreement, the buyer, if the goods are delivered to the buyer and the buyer refuses to accept it, is not obliged to return it to the seller, but it is sufficient for the buyer to tell the seller that he refuses to accept it. R.S., about 408, 38. (3) The provisions of this Sales Contracts Act do not apply to transactions in the form of a sales contract, as the transaction must be considered an agreement that creates or provides for an interest in property intended to ensure the payment or performance of a duty. R.S., about 408, 60; 1995-96, about 13, 85. 57 If this statute refers to a reasonable period of time, the question of what a reasonable period of time is a question of fact. R.S., circa 408, 57. (3) If ownership of the goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer under a sales contract, the contract is called a „sale,“ but if the transfer of the goods is to take place later or on a later condition, the contract is called a „sale agreement.“ (b) when the goods were sold on credit, but the credit terms expired; (2) The price that the seller or lessor takes without the consent of the seller or lessor is not the list price. 46 (1) Goods are considered to be in transit, from the time they are delivered to a carrier by land or flow or to any other leaseee for transmission to the purchaser, until the purchaser or his representative accepts them on that behalf by that carrier or other bailee. Article 5.

1. If there is a contract for the sale of unconsolidated or future goods by description, and if the goods of that description and in a deliverable state, enter unconditionally into the contract, either by the seller with the buyer`s agreement or by the buyer with the seller`s consent, the ownership of the next commodity is transferred to the buyer, and that consent may be express or implied and may be granted before or after the acceptance. the Commission of the Policy of the Status of l 26 If the seller of the goods has an invalidable property, but his property is unavoidable at the time of sale, the buyer acquires a good property of the goods, provided that the buyer acquires it in good faith and without notice of the seller`s defect of ownership.