Tower Hamlets Council Tenancy Agreement

The restraining order may be sought by a council against an owner or broker who has committed an administrative offence. The scope of what constitutes such an offence is determined by regulations and the law defines the considerations that the court must consider. A ban must be at least six months and a fine for infringement can be up to a maximum of $5,000. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets successfully prosecuted a man who fraudulently tried to pay the council rent of a resident who had died pretending to be his nephew. The Council will endeavour to take further targeted implementation measures in the private leasing sector, which it hopes will maximize the impact of the government`s actions to ensure good standards in this sector and tough measures against poor homeowners. The government has accepted an amendment to the law that will guarantee the construction of at least two affordable housing units in the capital for each council house sold to finance the extension of the right of sale. At this time, it is not clear whether the City Council is in a position to retain sufficient evidence of sale to build a similar replacement house in the same area. If this is not respected, the former owner is responsible for any breach of the lease until the owner or new landlord communicates to the tenant the name and address of the new owner. Any good landlord will give you a written lease so that you are aware of the nature of your legally binding agreement. It`s hard to trust a landlord who doesn`t give you a written lease.

You can get advice from one of the agencies that are part of the Private Tenants Charter. Over the next few months, The City Council will host a series of events for residents to allow them to express their views and ask questions of council. Cllr. Sirajul Islam, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets and a member of the Housing Cabinet, said: „Congratulations to all those who I know have worked on a long and complex investigation. With more than 20,000 people on our housing list, every property recovered is essential. As a council, we will take steps to ensure that the houses of the town halls go to the poorest in the city. The City Council has regularly put in place models to assess the impact of many of the provisions of the Act on housing and planning on Tower Hamlets and its residents. We shared this modelling with other local authorities and governments when it sought advice on aspects of the law. This was usually in the form of written evidence. At present, the City Council does not have any information on tenants` income.