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Napa Valley, an hour`s drive north of San Francisco, California, is the most famous and prestigious wine region in the New World. Although a number of grape varieties are grown in the vineyards of the valley, the region is best known for its cabernet sauvignon. The classic „Napa Cab“ t… The 2012 vintage was hit-and-miss worldwide, few regions provided very good wines, but many good wines were still produced. For France, most regions had a good year with Bordeaux, Burgundy and Beaujolais all producing solid offers – even though the year was disastrous for Sauternes. Champagne d… A simplest blend of Bordeaux is any combination of grape varieties typically used to make Bordeaux red wines. The phrase, which was uttered in the 19th century by British winemakers, refers as well to the wines of the blend as to the Combi grape variety….