Agreement Manager Significato

Once the contract is complete, the project, program or portfolio manager should confirm that the legal obligations arising from the contract are fulfilled. Aspects such as device warranties and liability for defects or defects and defects can be resolved for months or even years after the contract is concluded. Responsibilities for managing these long-term commitments must therefore be taken into account and, if necessary, recorded in the follow-up action report. Scientific Advisor Giancarlo Cotone, Project Manager and Advisor, Scientific Coordinator Course Contract Management – Administrator; Enzo Caetani, Luiss Business School Professor in Contract Administration, Graduate in Chemical Engineering, AD and Chairman of Keyst1 Italy Srl. Giancarlo Cotone, Luiss Business School Professor of Contract Management and Project Acquisition, Chemical Engineer Andrea Montefusco, Professor of Flight Leadership Practice at Luiss Business School where he conducts teaching and research activities in the field of personal and group behaviour , often in organizational contexts characterized by a high rate of innovation and a widespread and decisive presence of complex technologies. Maria Cristina Rocco, executive coach and professor of management at Luiss Business School, has twenty years of experience in the field of personnel and communication in the private and public sectors. HR Advisor in KPM contracts can be of several types, such. B than sales contracts (including leasing), sales contracts, partnership agreements, commercial agreements and intellectual property contracts. The project, program or portfolio manager must ensure that the management team is aware that poorly worded communications or inappropriate actions may result in contractual obligations.

The case law confirms that a contract can be amended in the absence of formal legal provisions. For the project, program or portfolio manager, the contract can become a conflict management tool or, more specifically, a conflict resolution tool. This course is an important integration tool for project managers and purchasing managers to improve the management of the administrative and legal aspects of contracts and supplies and to optimally manage relationships with suppliers and stakeholders. As a result, managing a growing number of companies believes that the contract management process is essential to a company`s success.