Wpffa Collective Agreement

What is the rate of pay? Successful applicants are recruited as probation officers and must complete a 12-month probation period in accordance with the Windsor Professional Fire Fighters Association (W.P.F.F.A.) collective agreement. Once the employee has completed the 12-month trial period and has been confirmed as a firefighter, he or she is classified as a 3rd firefighter. Performance evaluations are then conducted annually. Bi-weekly wages are based on 42 hours of work and can be changed on the basis of the terms of the W.P.F.F.A. collective agreement. Currently, the two-week probation officer allowance for firefighters is provided below. Firefighter – Probationary – 1st 6-months .453.14 Firefighter – Probationary – 2 months 6 months 2,641.84 – Firefighter – 3rd Class (end of trial period) $3,019.25 Can I bring someone other than moral support or for other reasons to Physical Agility? Only candidates for the City of Windsor`s firefighter recruitment can enter the test area where the physical mobility test is taking place. Those accompanying candidates to the test site should make other arrangements to use their time until the candidate has completed the test. Please note that a recommended candidate may withdraw his or her job offer on the basis of the result of the release of the policy. The medical examination must indicate good health, in accordance with the advice of the company`s medical examiner.

A staff representative contacts the applicant to offer a job. A first appointment with the recommended candidate is scheduled to meet the following requirements: What is planned for the Physical Agility Test? Candidates who have passed the written aptitude and assessment tests are eligible to participate in the Physical Agility Test and must pass the physical agility test in order to continue to be considered in the current recruitment. If all elements of this review are not successful, the applicant expects to continue the review as part of the ongoing recruitment process. The City of Windsor has secured the services of a service provider, Gledhill/Shaw Enterprises, to manage the physical agility test. Please note that fees are set and applicants must pay the fee to participate in the required physical agility test. The service provider advises candidates whether or not they have passed their physical agility test at the end of their testing process. For more information on the current recruitment process, visit Firefighter Recruitment – General Information.