Verifier Agreement Auto Ecole

The auto-school must be admitted. Accreditation is mandatory and has a national reach. Its number must appear on any documentation or advertisement of the school. It is issued for a period of 5 years by the prefect of the installation site. In case of loss of teaching license, a duplicate can be requested from the departmental prefect. The application must be accompanied by a certificate of loss or theft that can be issued for up to 2 months. It`s good to know. The return or delivery of your file must be done at no cost to you. Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by a fine. Report it to the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection (DDPP) of the Department of The Situation of the School.

In addition, you can claim compensation if you prove that the withholding of your file has harmed you. It is up to you to bring the necessary supporting documents to encrypt and prove the harm you have suffered. If the car school does not respond to you or maintains its refusal, contact the Prefecture Transport Office (school service) on which your car school depends. The prefect must withdraw the teaching authorization in case: the application for membership of the sign is made by form with the prefect of the site of the auto-school. It issues a notice within two months of filing the application. Review your contract to verify that it provides for termination for legitimate reasons. If this is the case, use this point in your contract to request a free termination. If this is not the case, you should be aware that the exclusion of any refund is considered abusive even if there is a valid reason. Send a letter to the headmaster of the school, ideally in the form of a recommended letter with acknowledgement. In addition, it is necessary to be able to justify the professional qualification of the teachers of the school and their license to teach.

The renewal application must be submitted at least 2 months before the application expires (when the new teaching authorization is handed over, the teacher must return the original of the old authorization). IMPORTANT: When the auto-school is managed in society, it is necessary to create the legal person that is not active in the first place. Once the company has obtained its approval, an application for modification must be requested to indicate that the company is engaged in a driving education activity. Above all, the car school must have an authorization issued by the prefecture. This license gives the auto-school the opportunity to present students with a driver`s license. The registration number issued must be indicated on each communication of the school car. A label can be awarded to auto-schools that meet 6 quality criteria, in particular for the financial supervision of driving training as part of the personal training account (CPF): what is provided in your contract, and in particular the price, cannot be changed by the car school without your consent.