Centurylink Master Service Agreement

3. Price. The customer pays the prices set in an offer or, if necessary, in addendum A. A data package offer is a service order request sent on a form issued by CenturyLink and signed by the customer and containing the type and details of the data package ordered by the customer. CenturyLink refrains from installing centuryLink IQ Networking Port NRCS and local Access install DES NRCS. CenturyLink does not waive local access fees, including construction costs. Offers are subject to the terms of the agreement, the different versions of service and this offer facility. 10.5 CPNI. CenturyLink is legally required to keep the NPC confidential. The client agrees that CenturyLink may share CPNI in its business activities (z.B. wireless, local, broadband and broadband) and with companies acting on behalf of CenturyLink to determine whether the customer could benefit from the variety of CenturyLink products and services as well as its marketing and distribution activities. Customers can revoke their consent at any time by informing CenturyLink in writing. The customer`s decision to use CPNI by CenturyLink has no bearing on the quality of service CenturyLink provides to the customer.

„CPNI,“ the customer`s network information that includes confidential account, usage and billing information about a customer`s quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and usage volume of telecommunications services. CPNI reflects the telecommunications products, services and functions that a customer subscribes to and the use of these services, including call details, that appear in an invoice. CPNI does not contain a customer`s name, address or phone number. b) access to the rental. The leased Access is generally available as Special Access, ELA, Wavelength Local Access and DSL Local Access, with the bandwidth described in this service show for these types of access. Customers can request a preferred provider for rental access from a list of available providers with whom CenturyLink has connection agreements. CenturyLink will strive to use the customer`s preferred supplier, but the final routing and the actual supplier will be chosen by CenturyLink. If CenturyLink is unable to use the customer`s preferred provider for a specific service address, as indicated in the price schedule or offer, the price of the service at that service address may change.

If available for Special Access, ELA and Wavelength Local Access, the customer may ask CenturyLink to provide a separate fibre-optic location path for a protection system between the local service provider`s service wire center and the service address („protection route“).